ORB is perpetually seeking out the pinnacle of new technology. Always looking for a new, more efficient, more impactful way to produce engaging content.

Many Years of Experience

The ORB team combines experience in screenwriting, live broadcast studio design & production, creative editing, directing, producing and post production in work environments around the world from Los Angeles to London to Berlin.

Product Focussed Pricing

The prices are always scalable to the clients’ needs. The tiers of three budgets are transparently related and clients can make an educated choice in the conceptual stage.


Simon B. Veredon


Simon Bjoergvin Veredon is one of the three Managing Partners of Origin Bridge. He is head of production and content development. Together with the other two managing partners he spearheaded the development of the new virtual- & augmented reality studio for General Electric in Berlin. He is now heading the 10 Series Project in which a new paradigm of series production in Germany is being implemented.

Simon Bjoergvin Veredon

After learning his trade first in the theater, starting in 1983, then at one of the five top ranking universities in the United States in the early nineties and finally at a german TV Station in the late nineties, Simon moved to Los Angeles in 2001 and  worked in some of the biggest Hollywood post production houses, generating special effects, editing and working as a finishing editor on countless highly acclaimed TV Series and film formats, such as ‘Desperate House Wives’ and ‘Bones’ to name only two out of over fifty Hollywood TV formats.

In Los Angeles, Atlanta and now in Berlin he also developed and wrote screenplays, imagefilms and commercials, as well as producing and directing them. In screenwriting and directing his focus is on storytelling with the help of a newly refined, yet timeless storytelling structure, based on C.G. Jung and James Bonnet. In industrial and academic development of formats and production in the augmented reality studio his focus is on identifying the sweet spot between productivity and sustainability.


Director Reel: click here

A selection of scenes from projects 2005-2016, incl.
Low Grounds – The Portal (2008)
In A Different Key (2005)
Joy Club (2015)

Ash Branston


Ash Branston is a Scottish Director of Photography and Broadcast Engineer with 10 years experience in the Film industry and Live Television Broadcast. As well as managing Partner he is the Technical Director and Co-Producer at Origin Bridge in Berlin. His passion is cinematography and and live broadcast technology. His role is that of translating written scripts and concepts into technical broadcast processes. His experience in the high stress environment of live television will ensure smooth running and high quality webcasts.


Ash started his professional career at a young age joining RCCL as an RCTV broadcast and satellite technician. Promotion came quickly and at the age of 24 he became the youngest Head of the Broadcast and Filming Department in the company.

After many years of following his profession around Europe, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and Central American he moved to Germany and became DoP for ESGNtv at the world renown Studio Babelsberg in Berlin producing a number of television shows. While at Babelsberg he was part of the install team bringing Augmented Reality capabilities to the studio.

He was then sought out by companies to produce various live projects which he did so under a freelance title.

He used his experience of Augmented Reality during his time as technical consultant for General Electric. Here, along with his business partners from Origin Bridge, he oversaw the design and installation on the Augmented Reality Live Webcast Studio in the GE Berlin Headquarters where he now co-produces a number of productions.

Within his own company he also produces imagefilms, commercials and live broadcasts for clients such as Facebook, Google, Volvic, GE, PCW, Creative Scotland, Johnson & Johnson and Riot Games, to name a few.

His role within the Deutsche Akademie für Digitale Bildung GmbH is that of translating written scripts and concepts into technical live broadcast processes whilst ensuring the content produced is aesthetically pleasing and entertaining. His experience in the high stress environment of live television will ensure smooth running, high quality webcasts.

Arno Döring


As well as managing partner of Origin Bridge, Arno is also responsible for the virtual reality department which he is the director of. He is head of acquisitions at Origin Bridge. He has been teaching camera, editing and motion design at the Deutsche Pop Akademie in Berlin. He founded his first media company electric-eyes in 2011, which specializes in Filmproduction and commercials. He produces and edited numerous imagefilms and presentation videos for corporate clients. He is also a software specialist in Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and Cinema 4D.


Arno holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Applied Sciences Mittweida, Germany in Media Management and TV Producing. During his studies he worked for the startup Mycluster.tv in the production and post-production of event videos. He then went on to work with Fox Mobile Distribution GmbH, where he designed audio-visual concepts in close cooperation with the marketing department. Arno also supported the B28 Produktion Gmbh & Co.KG with the production of ‘Berlinale’ for the TV channel ZDF.

For the past five years he has been teaching camera, editing and motion design at two universities in Berlin, the Deutsche Pop Academy and the Bits University of Business Leadership.

In 2011, he founded his own media company, electric-eyes, which specializes in film production and commercials. He produces and edits numerous image films and presentation videos for corporate clients like General Electric, NH Hotel Group, N24 and many more. He is also a software specialist in After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator and Cinema 4D.

Arno also recently co-founded the company DADB Deutsche Akademie für Digitale Bildung GmbH where he holds the positions of co-founder, VR- and Art Director.

At the DADB Deutsche Akademie für Digitale Bildung (German Akademie for Digital Education) he is responsible for content production and VR technology.


Design, Film, VFX & 2D/3D Animation Reel:

click here

A selection of scenes from projects 2009-2017.
Every project in this showreel was designed, filmed & animated by our Head of Marketing & Virtual Reality Arno Döring

Pascal Andres


As project manager of Origin Bridge Pascal Andres creates a communicational bridge between the client and the Origin Bridge Team. From the initial contact until the start of production he is in charge of counseling the client on most the suitable formate for the client’s required purpose. Years of work in the film industry paired with his experience in B2B & B2C marketing close the gap between the economic world and the creative arts